Foods Fighting Disease

scottfiller_fruitsandveggiesIn a recent news report, certain foods are now being researched and used to fight and prevent some diseases. In San Diego, CA local medical researchers and physicians are stating that food heals and might even be able to heal cancer patients. Some vegetables listed that can be used as medicine include parsley, collard greens, and onions.

Co-founder of UC San Diego’s Natural Healing and Cooking program, Dr. Gordon Saxe wanted to create a program that would provide patients with medicine alternatives to shots and pills to heal their ailments such as headaches, stomach pains and even cancers. One of the cancer patients, Julie Negrin, states “everybody says that they can’t believe I’m going through chemotherapy and I think it’s because I’m eating good food and taking care of myself.” Negrin has stage two cancer and just recently had many cancer infected part of her body removed. After this extensive surgery, Negrin was suffering from fatigue that left her lying on the couch for hours on end. Now she follows guidelines that Dr. Saxe puts in place for her. He encourages her to stick to a whole-plant based diet. Dr, Saxe states, “Theres a great deal of evidence in cancer research that diet is very important for cancer risk and is much more a factor even more than cigarettes.” He goes on to say that nourishing food provides a person strength and the ability to fight off illness.

Dr. Saxe believe that people are yearning to find other ways to feel well and stay well and they can do this by adjusting their diet to include more nourishing and unprocessed foods. Food can be used as medicine and it’s about time that people start using food to heal themselves of their ailments. He hopes this “culinary strategy” sweeps the nation.