Tell Your Doctor The Truth!

When people go to their doctors for a regular check up or physical, the doctor tends to ask questions which make people nervous or respond with a white lie. Although to many these may just be another white lie, these minor lies can go a long away in affecting your health and future. Recent studies done by The Cleveland Health Clinic explained that the information people are giving to their physicians is how they decide medicine dosage and how to accurately diagnose symptoms.alcohol-meds-190x155

Dr. Neides who spoke about the study done by the Cleveland Health Clinic, he explained, “At the same time, patients must provide accurate, honest information to their physician, he says. Many patients worry about being judged about their alcohol intake. But they should put those fears aside, he says.” Many patients are embarrassed about what their doctors might think of them if they tell them the truth of how much they are drinking or even smoking on a weekly basis.

The study went into depth about how physicians base the amount of a patients drinking habits goes into understanding what medicine they should receive, but if they are not telling the truth, they could severely injure or even die from the wrong medicine dosage. They mentioned in the study, “If you take aspirin and drink, your risk of stomach or intestinal bleeding is increased. Alcohol used with large doses of acetaminophen, a common painkiller, may cause liver damage. Alcohol used with some sleeping pills, pain pills, or anxiety/anti-depression medicine can be deadly.”

Doctors and study suggest telling the truth since it will only better the health in the future and decrease the amount of timely deaths due to wrongful medicine intake. If the number can drop from 10,00 of patients who take medicine with alcohol to a more reasonable number or even cut that in half, great strides would be made.

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