Precision Medicine Update

With so many genetic illness’s out there, many wonder why some with the illness such as Alzheimer’s can survive up to twenty five years with the illness, while others die within five years from the same illness. President Obama and the National Cancer Institute are willing to spend $70 million in order to fulfill the total of $215 million needed to fund the research. Dr. Green explained, “Everyone with every disease wants to do this, is is the Type 2 diabetes that results in the loss of a limb the same disease as the one that is easily controlled with diet? Right now, we lump them together.” The New York Times have spoken how people with the illness and how they all agree funding needs to happen for this issue.

“The first, with breast cancer, would today have her tumor analyzed to determine which drugs would probably work against it. She might also have genetic tests to reveal whether she had a risky gene mutation. The second patient, not so lucky, would have Type 2 diabetes, “an imprecise category,” the report said. “No concrete molecular information is available to customize Patient 2’s therapy to reduce his risk for kidney failure,blindness or other diabetes-related complications. No tests are available to measure risk of diabetes for his siblings and children.” The Times spoke about how spending this money could potentially decrease the amount of disease we see in the country based solely on understanding why some illness’s work slowly on some individuals and run so rapidly on some individuals.

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